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Here's a tribute to a past Corvette and the owners - good friends from Penna ... Bobs Blue 88 Vette. MAYBE, someday, they will once again be saying - Save the wave ...!!!
(Gotta squeeze this in here ) ... Thanks for doing "stuff" for me every Holiday Season...!!! Your Vette bud in Mass, Hinny ...
Collage_ 88 BOB Vette 20x24 F8 X 10   88BOBS Vette_D8 X 10   88BOBS Vette_EStudio 103 II  88BOBS Vette_24x188 X 10   88BOBS Vette_B8 X 10   88BOBS Vette_APLAK  88BOBS VETTE Trial II8 X 10   88BOBS Vette_F28 X 10   88BOBS Vette_F38 X 10   88BOBS Vette_F5license_20140227120924_33865