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Created 2-Jun-12
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Play it again Sam ... errr ... Duane ...!!! A restored 1970 GTO - almost a spittin' image of the 'first one' from way back then. Nice... nice ... nice ...!!!
GTO_Rvnberg_DSCN2588c4b_COVER1970 GTO Collage_A 18x241970 GTO Collage_B2 18x24Studio 103  70D Rvnbrg GTO_24x18_2 green on BlackproofStudio 103  70D Rvnbrg GTO_24x18_Autumn on GREENStudio 103  70D Rvnbrg GTO_24x18_Left out &Steering Wheel on BlackStudio 103  70D Rvnbrg GTO_24x18_toon2&green on GREENPLAK GTO Ravnbrg _blk  70 GTO pt2_PRINTGTO ORIG 3X3 photosGTO ORIG 3X3 photos_R1blk70 GTO Ravnbrg _16X20_FINAL70 GTO Collage_18x24 FINAL