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Display boards and sign boards with a theme... Case in Point - Mass Assn of Auto Clubs - display signage used at Boston World of Wheels March 2014
PRINT2014 MAAC done for U_20 X 30WH2PRINT2014 MAAC done for U NO RODS_20 X 30  WH1PRINT2014  MAAC  Agreed VaLUE_16 X 20=  WHITE jb tyPRINT2014  MAAC seat belts  _16 X 20=  WHITEjbPRINT2014 MAAC YOM  _16 X 20=  WHITE jbPRINT2014 MAAC Emission testing _16 X 20=  WHITEPRINT2014  MAAC MUFFLER BILL _16 X 20=  WHITEPRINT2014  MAAC WHATS ON  MIND_16 X 20=  WHITEPRINT2014  59 CORVETTE BOB_16 X 20 Wht A3PRINT2014  57 Met Peluso_16 X 20 Wht A3PRINT2014  63 Dodge Dart Mike_16 X 20 Wht A3PRINT2014  37 Chevy Street Rod Dennis_16 X 20 Wht B_PRINTzcDSC_4757zcDSC_4758zcDSC_4855zcDSC_4856zdDSC_4751zdDSC_4752zdDSC_4763zdDSC_4860